Reentry Coalition

The Lancaster County Reentry Coalition (LCRC) is a robust, diverse, and growing collaborative of stakeholders united by a shared vision and engaged in a shared mission. Each stakeholder has a unique and important role yet is committed to collectively implementing this shared plan to ensure successful reentry opportunities exist for every re-entrant returning to their communities from jail or prison.

For more information on barriers re-entrants face or to partner in the work of reentry, contact: Carrie Kurtz, Director of Reentry Planning & Coordination.

Steering Committee

Chief Ed Cunningham, Chair

Elizabethtown Police/Second Chance

Judy Erb, Administrator,

Lancaster County Behavioral Health and Developmental Services

James Severson, Vice Chair, Reentrant, Men's General Manager of The Way Recovery Houses, Reentry Team in York County for Wellspan Health

Deb Jones, Director of Human Services, Lancaster County Redevelopment Authority

Carrie Kurtz, Director of Reentry Planning & Coordination

Scott Theurer, Reentrant

Cheryl Steberger, Lancaster County Prison

Scooter Haase, previous LCRC Chair

Shawn McNichol, Lancaster County Drug and Alcohol Commission

Eric Kennel, Compass Mark

Jen Koppel, Penn Medicine

David Garlock, Straight Ahead

Larry George, County Commissioner's Office

Tara Loew, Apprenticeship and Training Office Director State of PA

Tim Shenk, Lancaster / Lebanon IU13

Brett Cole, Deputy Chief, Adult Probation/Parole