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About the Redevelopment Fund

The Redevelopment Fund is the non-profit arm of the Lancaster County Redevelopment Authority. The fund functions as a funding pool for blight remediation activities undertaken by the Land Bank Authority.

Blight has many negative impacts, and affects all kinds of communities – rural, urban, and suburban. It poses health and safety issues for neighbors and community members, reduces tax revenue which leads to a reduction in public services for residents, and erodes the health of the local housing market by leading to decreased property values. These issues are cyclical and feed into one another causing more disinvestment in the community which leads to loss of economic activities, jobs, and worker migration – and in turn more vacant, blighted properties. Blight remediation is an important component of a more holistic approach to community development and revitalization. By restoring abandoned and underused properties to homes and thriving commercial spaces we are mitigating disinvestment, more importantly we are adding affordable places for community members to call home and helping to create jobs in places where people live.

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LCHRA’s mission is to promote a suitable living environment in Lancaster County to help increase quality of life for individuals and families in need.

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